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A Special Place for Special People
Los Gatos Memorial Park
Welcome to!

American flag in silhouette, against white clouds atop the Santa Cruz Mountains. Facing south from the Veterans Garden at Los Gatos Memorial Park.  © 2005 Lance Hamilton –

The Park's Unofficial WebSite

Serving People of All Faiths Since 1888!

This web site was created by me, Lance Hamilton, a former counseleor with
Los Gatos Memorial Park.

Please enjoy the pictures I took of Los Gatos Memorial Park's
very beuatifll grounds.
Contact Los Gatos Memorial Park 408.356.4151

Selected Specialty Gardens Serve The Following Comminities
Shalom Garden
Vietnamese Garden
Paradise Garden
Vietnamese Garden Altar

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Vietnamese Garden Altar

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Vietnamese Garden Altar

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 Call   Los Gatos Memorial Park  for details:    - (408) 356-4151 

American flag against deep blue sky, atop white clouds. From Veterans Garden of Honor at Los Gatos Memorial Park, facing northwest.  © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
About These Websites

The web sites, , and were created by me, Lance Hamilton, formerly employed as a licensed Family Service Director and Advanced Planning Counselor at Los Fatos memorial Park.  I created these web sites, in part, because the park had (and has) no official web sites. Though I no longer work for Los Gatos Memorial Park I am happy to serve you with these sites showing many beautiful pictures I took of of Los Gatos Memorial Park.

If you need to contact Los Gatos Memorial Park please call them at 408.356.4151.

Cemetery pre-planning really make sense .  The following guide book is
free to local residents
Call for your FREE copy TODAY !   408-356-4151

  Free to local residents

Please call or email for your copy today .

The "Remembering My Life Booklet"
(pre-planning slide-show coming soon)


Vietnamese Garden Altar Rainbow Cloud Over Paradise Garden - I took this picture in May of 2005.  It shows Paradise Garden below an extraordinary rainbow cloud.

Los Gatos Memorial Park

Peaceful, Beautiful &Serene!


Photos of the Grounds and of Flowers from Several Services

Click the thumbnails below to see larger pictures. 
Beautiful white clouds, a blue sky and the American flag. From Veterans Garden of Honor at Los Gatos Memorial Park, facing northwest.  © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
 Veterans Garden of Honor
(Facing North-West)
Devotion fountain, following an afternoon rain, facing west. © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
 Devotion Fountain
(Facing West)
Devotion Fountain at Los Gatos Memorial Park, after a storm, facing southwest.  © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
 Devotion Fountain after a Storm
(Facing South-West)

Click the thumbnails below to see larger pictures.
Vietnamese Garden at Los Gatos Memorial Park, against the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains.  © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
 Vietnamese Garden
(Facing Santa Cruz Mountains)
Vietnamese Garden at Tet in the morning mist, facing southwest. Traditional yellow flowers are said to bring good luck.  © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
Vietnamese Garden at Tet
(Facing South-West)
Truong Family flowers, one of many beautiful wreathes.. © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
Truong Flowers

Click the thumbnails below to see larger pictures.
Pink, purple, red and white assorted flowers for Veraline Smith.
Veraline J. (Norris) Smith
(04-18-1927 to 03-12-2005)

Freide Astete De Los Santos

(11-22-1935 to 07-14-2005)
Hue Nguyen, (06-12-1930 to 02-16-2005), close up of a multi-colored wreath. Check out the gorgeous red color. © 2005 Lance Hamilton –
Hue Nguyen
(06-12-1930 to 02-16-2005)

 Los Gatos Memorial Park - A Special Place for Special People!

Check back soon for more pictures including some of these beautiful sections: 
Founded in 1889, Los Gatos Memorial Park is a cemetery for people of all faiths and national origins!

Los Gatos Memorial Park Events

Memorial Day 2005
Flag Map of the USA
Keiko Kagawa-Hamilton Flag Map of the USA 
  Keiko Kagawa-Hamilton performing at the Otsuka's Independence Day Party, 2005

My wife Keiko is a Japanese born & educated lyric-soprano.  Check back soon for a video clip of her singing the American "National Anthem" at Los Gatos Memorial Park's "Memorial Day 2005" commemoration.  Though a resident of the U.S. since 1984, Keiko did not become a U.S. citizen until late in in 2004.  So, as a new citizen, her first performance ever of the National Anthem was especially heartfelt and emotion-filled.  Keiko also performed at our "Tree of Remembrance" holiday gathering in our "Reflection Chapel."

(This picture is from her performing at a July 4th celebration in Cupertino.)
Remember Our Troops - Ribbon-FlagRemember Our Troops - Ribbon-FlagRemember Our Troops - Ribbon-FlagRemember Our Troops - Ribbon-FlagRemember Our Troops - Ribbon-FlagRemember Our Troops - Ribbon-FlagRemember Our Troops - Ribbon-Flag

Band Concert 10:00 A.M. -- Memorial Service 11:00 A.M.
Free Admission - Free Hot Dogs & Soda - Free Concert!

Los Gatos Memorial Park History

Weekly Times of Los Gatos Logo each article by
by John S. Baggerly
5/19 & 5/26, 1999
Other Sources
  • Links to Various Historic figures from Los Gatos, many of whom are buried at Los Gatos Memorial Park. (coming soon)

Los Gatos Daily News
  • Memorial Day 2005 (coming soon)
  • Los Gatos Memorial Parks provides burial plots for two unclaimed abandoned babys in county morgue.

Mercury News Logo
Larry Slonaker

Cemetery & Funeral Related Articles

Metro - Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper - logo
This illustrates the importance of choosing an endowment care cemetery such as Los Gatos Memorial Park.   As such, even after our park is full it will receive perpetual care, using the income earned on money set aside in a special "endowment care" trust fund.
author not named 26-Oct-2000

Park Hours & Office Hours

Park Hours Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
Office Hours 8:00 AM  to 4:30 PM 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM office closed
Visitation Hours 7:30 AM to Sunset + 30 minutes (every day)

All text and images ©2005  Lance Hamilton
License: CES 36151

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Los Gatos Memorial Park
2255 Los Gatos Almaden Road
San Jose, CA 95124

Office - (408) 356-4151

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